Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes & Arenes |HSC-CBSE


Hello Doston, In this video I have merge my all previous parts so that you can see all parts in a single flow. Our other videos link: Alcohol Phenol & ether Part 1 : Preparation & Reaction Of Alcohol https://youtu.be/vrgPi1YsArw Alcohol Phenol & ether Part 2 : Preparation & Reaction Of Phenols https://youtu.be/LfISg8zmFXk Alcohol Phenol & ether Part 3 : Difference Between Alcohols & Phenols https://youtu.be/I081fd4DV7g Alcohol Phenol & ether Part 4 : Preparation & Reaction Of Ethers https://youtu.be/IncdXlB5_Cg Watch our chemical related videos which is used in daily life.: https://youtu.be/rH5tZjsp1nI What is drugs ? Watch our latest videos and Subscribe our channel to get latest updates.